#LifeatStewart / Stewart’s 2019 Health & Wellness Wrap Up

January 13th / 2020

Stewart's 2019 Health & Wellness Wrap Up

As we enter a new year and a new decade, we often turn to health and fitness-based resolutions as a way to strive to be our best selves. In order to be better, we must analyze and assess where we are currently. Let’s take a look back at Stewart’s 2019 and what we accomplished as we push towards the healthier company and how we plan on being our best selves in this new year!

Stewart has accomplished so much toward our health goals in 2019 that 2020 has a lot to live up to! As we continue to push towards a fitter and healthier company, we can look at comparisons of the past to see how we’ve done so far. As a whole, our Movespring step tracking application logged a 372,000-step increase in total steps for opted-in participants from 2018 to 2019 with 52% of employees participating in 2019.

Throughout the year, we’ve also pursued several other aspects to increase our overall wellness. Many employees took advantage of fantastic opportunities to stay healthy. 76 employees received flu shots this year, as well as participated in the biometric screening, which gave each a snapshot of their overall health including a cholesterol reading and BMI overview. In addition, we had 252 boxes of fruit delivered to the office and five wellness-based lunch and learns amongst many other health-friendly opportunities!

We rounded the year out with a Winter step competition, the Coast to Coast Challenge, where participants were separated into practice area teams and digitally traveled from one end of the country to the other and back! With seven teams and a four-week race, we each set off with a bit of friendly rivalry. By the end, we covered a total of 7,490.3 miles and ended in a tie! The Corporate Crushers and Transportation Jaywalkers matched step averages, and each received gift cards to our Warehouse District neighbors, Weaver Street Food Market.

All in all, we see a bright and healthy 2020 for #lifeatStewart with exciting plans as we continue to increase our company wellness. We hope to continue to progress forward, increase comradery and morale, and maybe see even better numbers this time next year!

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