Awards / Stewart Named CBJ 2021 Healthiest Employers

July 23rd / 2021

Stewart Named CBJ 2021 Healthiest Employers

We’re happy to announce that Stewart was named one of the 2021 Healthiest Employers of Greater Charlotte by the Charlotte Business Journal. The awards program recognizes organizations that are making strides in wellness for their workers. Companies that have between 100 and 499 employees were evaluated based on the range of health- and wellness-related issues, from benefits like insurance and paid leave to workplace amenities and Covid-19 protocols.

Stewart’s Wellness Committee leads the charge to promote a sense of well-being at the company. The group works to encourage fellow coworkers to achieve their health goals and support one another in the pursuit of wellness.

Our Wellness Committee provides the inspiration and tools to help employees focus on health and well-being. Throughout the year, our Wellness Committee organizes a wide variety of fun activities, challenges, and education opportunities. Even in a pandemic environment, where all employees are working from home, the Wellness Committee has kept wellbeing front of mind.

Lee Anne Nance

The Wellness Committee encourages, inspires, and supports employees in living healthy lifestyles by providing education and opportunities to pursue physical, mental, financial, and social well-being.

Some of these activities include fitness challenges such as The Oregon Trail and the Walk the Talk year-long step challenge to get people moving and active. “Stewart has 99 participants on the Move Spring platform. With 196 employees overall, more than 50% are tracking steps and physical activity levels,” adds Lee Ann, executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“Since our employees are what make our program—and company—stand out, we created a program that encompasses not only the physical and nutritional side of wellness but also the social, mental and financial sides as well,” she continues.

We recognize that the quality of our work wellness program enhances the happiness of our employees and upholds our THREAD values, deepening the level of our well-being and work satisfaction.

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