#LifeatStewart / Stewart Celebrates Global Wellness

June 7th / 2019

Stewart Celebrates Global Wellness

At Stewart, we value holistic wellness as a priority for each and every employee. Stewart contributes to employee health and well-being far beyond the average company. We emphasize physical fitness, nutrition, and mental  health as a part of our wellness program. We encourage and promote individual involvement in a number of ways, many of which are led by our Wellness Committee, an employee-led group designed to boost morale and provide our team members with more health-conscious resources.

The Wellness Committee organizes various opportunities each year for employees to get involved and get blood flowing. Our most popular activities are the step challenges. Through Movespring, a step-tracking app, employees can compete for the most steps throughout the year. Within the calendar year, we up the ante with challenges like the “Oregon Trail.” This challenge joins participants at all Stewart locations into teams as they compete to get the highest step average within the designated period with the top team winning $100 each. “The Oregon Trail Challenge is a great example of how Stewart strives to promote wellness in a creative way. It’s a fun team-building exercise that promotes a healthy dose of competition among colleagues. You’re accountable for your steps toward your team’s average. I have doubled my daily step count since we started the challenge!” Kirsten Moore of Marketing explains of her first Oregon Trail experience. Along with these challenges, the Wellness Committee organizes yoga classes every other week as well as monthly “beer runs,” in which we choose a one- or three-mile walk/run and meet for a beer and appetizers after.

Nutrition is another avenue in which Stewart puts employee health first. There are numerous initiatives we take to make clean eating accessible to everyone at all locations. We have access to fresh fruit in weekly deliveries, wholesome options in the vending machines, readily accessible filtered water, and balanced choices in catered occasions. If a staff member is unsure of how to implement better nutrition into their lifestyle, our insurance provider covers visits with professionals in the area. We also have complimentary educational opportunities through periodic nutrition classes and online instructional videos. “My success story involves no-cost access to a nutritionist. My work with a nutritionist provided education regarding my health that immensely improved my quality of life. The identification of food sensitivities and the understanding of how my body uses food has led to weight loss, better sleep, less anxiety and most importantly, a stable and predictable digestive system. In addition, I now know how to weed through the hype and misinformation about nutrition and weight loss. I am deeply grateful that Stewart provides access to a nutritionist at no cost. It has literally been life changing,” said Lee Anne Nance , Chief Strategic Officer.

Mental well-being is vital to overall wellness. Stewart realizes this importance by providing simple options to assist in employee happiness that many employers overlook. We are offered a variety of solutions to combat stress and promote mental health and stability, while also encouraging an appropriate work/life balance. Not only do we arrange biweekly yoga classes, we feature periodic meditation classes in order to teach staff relaxation methods. A compressed work week and unlimited paid time off for salaried employees helps to maintain productivity and encourage a refreshed mental state. In addition, our company insurance plans afford us access to professional assistance if the situation calls for it.

These Stewart programs and resources are just a small snippet of the #lifeatStewart. With an emphasis on holistic wellness and employee satisfaction, Stewart creates a positive and synergistic environment that is ultimately conducive to growth in all aspects. We are all fortunate to be part of a company that values all of its employees, mind, body, and soul.




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