Landscape Architecture / David Amalong, PLA, LEED AP

David Amalong, PLA, LEED AP

David Amalong, PLA, LEED AP

Director, Design

David is a Landscape Architect, Urban Designer, and a leader of Stewart’s Landscape Architecture practice. With more than 30 years of experience that includes a broad range of domestic and international work, his work exhibits a rigor and discipline that blends craft, ecology, culture and human behavior. Moving easily between master planning and detailed design, David leverages his knowledge of the craft of many disciplines to create spaces and places that serve more than mere purpose or beauty. His approach to design is based on values that blend equity and ecological intelligence with craftsmanship, quality, rigor, and discipline. By synthesizing the experiential, physical, and contextual elements of place-making, he has created memorable places for communities across the globe.

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