US Marine Corps Special Operations Command Complex / Jacksonville, NC

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The Details

The US Marine Corps Special Operations Command was created in 2005 to train, organize, equip and, when directed, deploy task organized, scaleable and responsive US Marine Corps Special Operations forces worldwide. To better achieve those initiatives, the Marine Corps developed a Special Operations Command Complex to provide specialized training for non-conventional missions performed by the Marine Corps.

The design-build project encompasses 37 projects in the improvement of 225 acres on a 500-acre site. The 37 structures, totaling nearly 1,000,000 square feet, include a 150,000-square-foot headquarters complex, parade field, intelligence operations, supply warehouse, bachelor enlisted quarters, and battalion aid station. The site also includes areas for equipment maintenance, academic instruction, and special operations training. The project is LEED® certified.

Stewart provided topographic, existing conditions, environmental services support and construction surveys for the 225-acre site, utilizing a combination of Virtual Reference System GPS technology and conventional total station survey instruments.


United States Marine Corps

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