UNC Chapel Hill Bynum Hall Addition and Renovation / Chapel Hill, NC


The Details

Formerly known as Bynum Gymnasium, this building was the first home of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball team. Built in 1904 as a general gymnasium and swimming pool, the building hosted the Tar Heel team for the first 14 years of its existence. The building has also been home to the UNC Press, News Bureau, and the School of Journalism. Today, the building serves as one of the administrative hubs for the university.

Stewart was selected to perform structural and geotechnical services during this project. The three-story addition consists of composite steel construction supported on load-bearing reinforced concrete masonry walls. The exterior walls are clad in brick. The addition also has one elevator and one stair. Roof construction consists of a metal roof deck supported on light gauge metal trusses. The bottom chord of the trusses supports the mechanical attic access with mechanical units. The existing exterior wall at the interface of the existing building and new building also has significant structural reinforcing requirements.

As part of the geotechnical scope of work, Stewart completed the subsurface exploration and reporting. Conducting the exploration at the site took careful planning and detailed logistics due to numerous buried utilities, parking/access restraints, pedestrian safety, and nearby construction congestion. Stewart’s subsequent analysis optimized the building’s foundation based on the site-specific subsurface conditions. Stewart also worked closely with university officials to minimize the disruption to the surrounding areas and facilities.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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