NCSU James B. Hunt Jr. Library / Raleigh, NC

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The Details

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library  a signature building, embodying the essence of the University’s Centennial Campus as a community built around knowledge. Located on the academic oval, the building serves as an intellectual and social meeting place, as well as a showcase for the latest technologies and research achievements of the university. In fact, in its vision for the facility, the university “seeks nothing less than to create the best learning and collaborative space in the country.”

The 200,000-square-foot library will also feature an automated retrieval system in place of traditional book stacks. Books will be scanned and placed in bins. When a request for a book comes in, the new retrieval system will pull that particular bin out and deliver it to the service counter. This innovation will in turn maximize public space.

Stewart is the structural engineer-of-record for the project. To achieve the highly innovative and unique design, Stewart collaborated with Arup of New York City.

The structure is composite steel floor framing utilizing cast in place concrete shear wall cores for lateral force resisting. Several columns are transferred out at elevated floors with the use of wide flange transfer girders. Areas of the fourth-level structure are designed to support the additional loads due to a green roof system. The floor systems are designed to minimize floor vibrations in perceptible areas like reading rooms and study areas.

Photography by Mark Herboth.


North Carolina State University


Snohetta / PBC+L

Start Date


Completion Date


Construction Cost

$90 Million

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