NCSU Wolf Ridge at Centennial / Raleigh, NC


The Details

NCSU’s Centennial Campus has more than 2 million square feet of classrooms, labs and corporate offices, dozens of corporate and government tenants, and more on the way. To further accommodate its students, NCSU is adding a 1,150-bed, six-building student housing complex, complete with a 20,000-square-foot dining center and a workout facility. The facility will be located at the Centennial Oval, adjacent to Engineering Building III. The facility will also provide easy access to the College of Textiles, College of Engineering and James B. Hunt Jr. Library.

Several buildings will comprise the mixed-use academic village. The Entrepreneurs Garage (Building 2) will provide an educational facility comprised of workspaces, studios and labs. Building 1 will consist of residential units constructed over the top of the dining hall. Building 2 will consist of residential units constructed over the top of classrooms. Building 3 will include a parking deck with residential units. Buildings 4, 5, and 6 will consist of five stories of residential units.

The foundation system will be a shallow foundation system with the ground level slabs consisting of a 4” concrete slab-on-grade floor. Walls for all below grade levels or partial below grade levels will consist of cast-in-place concrete. Continuous wall footings will support the load bearing masonry walls. The floor system consists of an 8” thick pre-stressed precast hollow core plank with a 2” normal weight concrete topping slab. Planks will span between load bearing CMU walls. Exterior walls will be 8” CMU and interior walls will be 8” CMU.  Lintels will be required at all openings in bearing walls. The lateral system will consist of reinforced masonry walls.

This project is LEED Silver.


North Carolina State University


LS3P and Sasaki

Start Date


Completion Date


Construction Cost

$100 Million

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