Durham Skate Park / Durham, NC

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The Details

The site is in a developed urban park located on a small footprint with over 15 feet of fall across the project area. The challenge was fitting 10,000 square feet of paved skate park area on such a small site, while keeping the project within the limited budget and schedule. This was also the City of Durham’s first design-build project.

The park, which contains more “street” type elements and less flow elements than the City of Raleigh Marsh Creek Skate Park, is a concrete structure with brick elements. There are also several vertical components including ledges, walls, stairs and ramps for skating, as well as accessibility.

Also involved in the project was Tempe, Arizona-based firm Pillar Design Studios, LLC. The firm has completed various skate park projects including the City of Raleigh Marsh Creek Skate Park.



City of Durham

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