Beaufort CAMA Land Use Plan and Unified Development Ordinance / Beaufort, NC


The Details

The Town of Beaufort hired Stewart to assist the Town in a multi-year project to create a Comprehensive and CAMA Land Use Plan and Unified Development Ordinance. The existing Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Town was developed in 2007, with few updates since. There have been significant changes to the Town and surrounding areas since the plan’s original inception. Their current Land Development Ordinance was adopted in 2013, and though there have been amendments over the years, the Town desired to transition to a cleaner, consolidated Unified Development Ordinance. The Unified Development Ordinance will consolidate the Land Development Ordinance standards, Subdivision Ordinance and Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance into one comprehensive document.

The Stewart Team has approached the Beaufort Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) update with a community-driven and data-informed planning process that will prioritize local issues and refine the Town’s vision while also meeting the requirements of a CAMA land use plan. The update is informed by past planning efforts and trends, but looks to current stakeholders and future trends for context and guidance. It will include policies and strategies to guide land use regulations, promote economic development, and direct public policy related to services and investments. The subsequent UDO reorganization and update will be compliant with the state’s 160D regulations and will also begin to implement the vision and goals established in the comprehensive plan.


Town of Beaufort

Start Date

November 2020

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