Apex Peakway / Apex, NC

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The Details

The Apex Peakway extension is approximately 2,047 feet, extending from the current end of the Apex Peakway near Hillcrest Street to North Salem Street. This facility is a four-lane divided cross section. The construction documents were developed to grade the full four-lane cross section. The first phase construction paved an asymmetrical two-lane section.

The two-lane roadway ties into the existing section, with curb and gutter, sidewalk and storm drainage. The facility also included a 12-inch waterline with appurtenances. The new alignment runs parallel to a stream and crosses two of its tributaries. It also crosses a sewer line and an associated easement.

North Salem Street was also widened to include turn lanes associated with the new Apex Peakway intersection. In addition, the alignment was developed in a manner to accommodate the future extension of Apex Peakway.


Town of Apex

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