#LifeatStewart / Learning, Laughter, and Team Work: Stewart’s Pi Week Scavenger Hunt

March 19th / 2021

Learning, Laughter, and Team Work: Stewart's Pi Week Scavenger Hunt

by Betsy Loeb, CPSM, PLA, LEED AP®, Pursuit Manager, Business Development

Although its cousin pie gets all the glory, we at Stewart are big fans of pi (π), that mathematical constant that makes the world go ’round.

To celebrate Pi Day this year, groups of four employees, representing all offices and practices, teamed up to complete a week-long pi-themed scavenger hunt. The big winners were two local charities chosen by the first- and second-place teams to receive the firm’s donations.

Our teams received assignments at noon each day and had until 11:59 am the next day to submit our answers. The challenges included:

  • Creating lists of movies with something round in the title.
  • Celebrating a famous woman in the A/E/C industry who used pi in her work.
  • Sharing images of Stewart projects from all practices that included something circular.
  • Surveying friends about their favorite kind of pie, then creating a pie chart with the results.
  • Writing a paragraph in Pilish, the official language of Pi Day. (I didn’t even know Pilish existed!)

Our scavenger hunt master of fun Katherine Meyer, Stewart’s talent and engagement coordinator, dug up all kinds of playful challenges to keep us creating and collaborating in the hopes our chosen charity would come out on top.

Don’t even ask about the team videos where we dressed up and sang Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein! Very convenient for him to have a birthday on 3.14. 

Last week, we had a great time collaborating across our practices and locations to figure out which person on the team had the talent each task required. We learned a little, laughed a lot, and came together for a great cause.

The winning team Here’s Looking at Euclid chose to donate their prize to A Place at the Table, a Raleigh restaurant beloved by Stewart staff. The restaurant allows patrons to pay what they can or volunteer in exchange for meals. The runners-up I Prefer My Pi with an ‘E’ selected the SPCA of Greater Charlotte to spread the love to our furry friends.

I confess, I never celebrated Pi Day before joining an engineering, planning, and design firm. But now that I know how much fun it is, I’m already looking forward to next year.

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