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March 16th / 2020

National Surveyors Week: Why We Survey

(written by Frank Mundy, PLS, Vice President and Practice Leader, Geomatics)

Each year about this time, the surveying professional celebrates “National Surveyors Week” throughout the United States. Over the last few years, our firm has asked me to write an article on a connected topic to the profession to celebrate the annual holiday. With the serious situation that currently grips our nation and the world, it seems another article on technological advances, professional development or the like would seem trivial.

While reflecting, I couldn’t help but ask myself “Why do we do it?” Why do we traipse around in the woods through heat of summer and cold of winter with animals, insects, and plants, all of which could harm us? Why do we deal with angry landowners who want nothing more than to verbally and sometimes even physically assault us for being on their property? Why do we work within inches of moving traffic or construction operations that could injure or kill us in a single second of distraction? Why do we accept projects and work with clients that are over demanding, stress out our team, and require us to spend additional time away from families and loved ones? Quite simply, “Why do we do it?”

Just as quick as the question came flying in, the answer to that question followed immediately behind. As our firm’s founder and CEO, Willy Stewart, fondly states, “We’re not just working on a project for a new building. That new building is going to be a new hospital that will help heal the sick. That new building may be a school that will help teach our kids. That new building may be a home that will help a group of individuals become a family. That’s why we do what we do!”

As I write this, I decided to look no further than the timesheets of our Geomatics team from this past week. It was a truly amazing and inspiring research project to say the least. Last week alone, we helped;

  • Repair failing stormwater facilities to keep a neighborhood from flooding in the future
  • Rehabilitate aging sewer infrastructure within a large-scale urban environment
  • Provide public sanitary sewer infrastructure to entire sections of several under served communities
  • Study the flood implications and required repairs to a city-wide stormwater system effecting one of our nation’s largest military bases
  • Design a new school that will allow children to learn within their community
  • Provide drinking water to a rural area that did not have access to public water before
  • Preserve a cemetery that had been ravaged by the effects of a hurricane

While the above examples are only a sampling of the work that we accomplished last week, it’s a concrete reminder of “Why We Do it!”. It’s “Why We Survey!” I’m proud to be a surveyor! I’m proud to do what I chose to do. I’m proud of our team, our firm, and our profession. Especially in these tumultuous times, let’s all do our part to make this world a better place! #WhyWeSurvey #ServeAndLead



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