Leadership / Christopher Miller, PLA, LEED AP

Christopher Miller, PLA, LEED AP

Christopher Miller, PLA, LEED AP

Vice President | Practice Leader

Christopher is a Vice President and Practice Leader of Landscape Architecture at Stewart. His practice over has crossed a wide variety of projects and ownership types: higher education and k-12 campuses, healthcare campuses, urban districts and revitalization, and other placed-based planning efforts.

He brings a passion of bridging the gaps between honoring the past, advancing contemporary high-performance design, and accommodation of diverse prerogatives through all his work. Embracing and celebrating the history of a place is always his starting place because it adds value, foundation and continuity to the design.

Christopher’s leadership style is to be a humble gardener: create the right environment for growth and flourishment through consistent nurturing, be aware, have emotional intelligence and recognize what is needed: weeding, fertilizing, pruning, watering and transplanting.

He has been a facilitator of diverse stakeholders, work groups and advisory boards to find a place of mutual understanding between contrasting viewpoints. He enjoys this group dynamic as a healthy method of discussion, critique and values discovery that bolsters the project and community.

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