#LifeatStewart / Collaboration, Strategy, and Innovation

June 20th / 2019

Collaboration, Strategy, and Innovation

How Marketing & Communications works behind-the-scenes to make Stewart best in the world

As Stewart celebrates corporate practice areas this month, we recognize the departments that often fly under the radar. Stewart’s Marketing & Communications practice area has evolved enormously in the past few years leaving many to wonder how our marketing team does so much every day to contribute to the overall success of the company.

With the thoughtful guidance of our fearless leader, Chief Strategic Officer, Lee Anne Nance, and Manager of Marketing and Communications, Denise Southerland, our team is constantly striving to look to the future for exciting opportunities and areas of improvement. Our goals include supporting Stewart’s internal corporate culture, establishing thought leadership opportunities for Practice Leaders, increasing departmental efficiency and streamlining processes, and devising new promotional materials and techniques for open communication and accessibility to information.

Although our department is small, we are mighty! We often work synergistically to complete tasks in the fastest, most efficient, and resourceful way. Each team member provides a different set of skills for the team as we work toward the common goal of branding, promoting, and strategizing for Stewart. As an internal and external marketing department, we are continually brainstorming and strategically planning unique ways to build the company and boost revenue.

The day-to-day life of a Marketing Coordinator involves numerous tasks, which varies daily, weekly, and monthly. The fast-paced environment challenges us to be better and grow with Stewart. As the practice area expands, our personnel and workload broaden with it. The team consists of Betsy Loeb, Allyce Brown, Megan Kennedy, Kirsten Moore, and Rebekah Faile, Marketing Coordinators, as well as, Terry Naegelen, Senior Executive Assistant, all of whom come from differing backgrounds and educations bringing valuable insight and a wide range of talent.

This very exciting time in our company gives us the freedom to test and develop diverse facets of marketing. Our department covers a wide array of promotional and revenue-driven tools, opportunities, and campaigns. As one Marketing Coordinator edits our website, another is creating a project interview presentation. As one is feeding our social media platforms, another is writing this very article. Meanwhile, all are managing tasks for proposals, resumes, cut sheets, and more, and that’s just a Monday morning! “Through new and improved processes, fresh brand standards, and collaboration with our practice areas, our team of innovative and creative marketers continues to strategically promote the Stewart brand,” explains Megan Kennedy.

As a collaborative, strategic, and innovative team, we work together in harmony and unity to create interesting content and develop a forward-thinking company approach. The value of each player inevitably has a positive impact on the department, company, and the brand. Like a complex organism, we are ever-evolving and are always greater than the sum of our parts. As we look to the future, we see a department of trail blazers making a mark on the industry for years to come.

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