#LifeatStewart / Congrats to the 2020 Stewart Decade Club!

January 21st / 2020

Congrats to the 2020 Stewart Decade Club!

Throughout our 26-year history as a firm, Stewart has greeted many new faces, seen the growth and potential of each employee, and celebrated the personal and professional milestones of our Stewart family. We are excited to recognize the 43 staff members who are a part of the 2020 Stewart Decade Club – individuals who have devoted 10 or more years of their lives to Stewart.

All Practice Areas and nearly every office location has a member of the Decade Club. We take pride in knowing that their efforts have greatly contributed to Stewart’s growth, our company culture, and our reputation and look forward to seeing what each individual will accomplish in the future.

“In this fast moving and ever-changing world, it is an honor that we have over 40 people who have worked for Stewart for a decade or more. I am grateful for their commitment and passion for promoting our mission and our THREAD values every day,” said Willy Stewart, CEO and day one employee of Stewart.

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