News and Views / The Stewart Air Force takes to the Friendly Skies

October 13th / 2016

The Stewart Air Force takes to the Friendly Skies

You’ve heard about drones, the common name for Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and you’ve probably seen simple versions in the mall or at a local park. Now that they’ve become so technologically advanced, drones are opening up a new world of possibilities in the growing area of reality capture.

With the pairing of advanced technology and robust remote-operated hardware, professionals in the A/E/C industry are able to capture all kinds of information about existing sites and projects under construction in a safer and more efficient way than ever before.

From high above, licensed operators with appropriate permissions can fly over a job site to monitor construction and perform safe inspections of rooftops and tall structures at the simplest level. Beyond simple and powerful imagery, we can make accurate volumetric surveys and map topographic features. All this data is then combined, reducing errors stemming from inadequate data about existing conditions.

Dustin Manning, Stewart’s Manager of Geomatics Technology and a licensed UAS pilot, cautions that while the gathering of data through aerial photography is relatively simple, using professional surveying methods assures that the measurements are accurate and the findings are repeatable. Performing photogrammetry (measurement from stereo pairs of images) without a process to scale the data can yield inaccurate and unreliable information.

New applications and sensors are being developed at an amazing rate. Thanks to the innovators, our world is becoming safer and the design process is more efficient. Partnering with professionals that understand the importance of dependable deliverables and assessment is key.

Now that recent changes to regulations have greatly opened up access to airspace, Stewart is pleased to be able to offer unmanned aerial systems services. This is another tool in our tool box that will allow our experienced surveyors, construction inspectors, designers and engineers to collect and verify information quickly and safely, delivering efficient, superior results for our clients.


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