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Stewart’s Municipal Planning & Mobility practice is a response to our clients’ needs for building healthy, equitable, resilient, and connected communities. Now, more than ever, our cities and communities are adapting to changing demographics, land use trends, environments, and technologies. Drawing on our existing collaboration and coordination between groups, we have brought together the firm’s experienced municipal planners and designers with dedicated active transportation planners and engineers. This union is another example of how Stewart strives to provide the best in interdisciplinary planning, design, and engineering that results in more creative solutions for our clients.

Municipal Planning
Our municipal planners work with municipalities and counties across the state, focusing on small to mid-sized communities and building on Stewart’s firm-wide focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. Stewart brings together planners, urban designers, landscape architects, and engineers to provide a data-driven and design-oriented approach that results in better plans and stronger communities.

Many firms can write and update land use plans and development codes. Stewart is different in that we also utilize these documents on a daily basis. Our collaboration with our Landscape Architecture & Civil Engineering practice gives us insight into how plans and codes inform development, giving us deeper knowledge into how to effectively shape the built environment.

As former public sector planners, we also have insight into the complexities of governing. Our experience allows us to manage competing interests, clearly explain complex concepts, and develop realistic implementation strategies. Stewart emphasizes the importance of building relationships with its clients and the communities where we work. Delivering clear codes and inspiring plans is a priority, as is capacity building and providing continuing service after project completion.

Projects currently underway include comprehensive plans, Unified Development Ordinances, small area plans, and land use plans. In addition, we share our experience by providing project management services to act as an extension of public sector staff with flexible “on-call” consultation.

Stewart’s Mobility Group brings together bicycle and pedestrian designers, engineers, and planners who have the passion and technical expertise to improve community mobility, safety, access, and health. We are avid trail users, pedestrians, and bicyclists, so we know the value and joy great places and journeys can bring to people’s lives. Stewart strives to plan and design well-engineered, long-lived projects that enhance quality of life, aesthetic beauty, and sustainability in communities we serve.

To create great spaces, we work across disciplines from project conception to implementation. We look forward to sharing our ideas and experience with our clients and their residents, seeing and helping to measure the impact on health, mobility, and economic development. Trail, bikeway, sidewalk, and greenway design incorporate not just engineering, but landscape architecture, structural design, hydrology, urban planning, surveying, construction administration, geotechnical investigations, and materials testing. Stewart’s range of these services means our clients can rely on a singular collaborative team to deliver their projects.

Current Planning

  • Land Use Ordinance Assessments
  • UDO Development
  • Code Writing
  • Development Plan Compliance Review
  • Entitlement, Zoning & Regulatory Approvals
  • On-call Planning, Zoning & Land Use Consulting Services
  • Project Management

Long Range Planning

  • Comprehensive and Land Use Plans
  • Small Area Plans
  • Urban Design
  • Downtown Redevelopment Planning
  • CAMA Plans
  • Illustrative Graphics and Renderings
  • GIS Mapping
  • Scenario Planning
  • Trail-Oriented Development


  • Greenway Planning, Design and Engineering
  • Urban Bikeway Planning, Design and Engineering
  • Bike/Pedestrian/Greenway/Mobility Plan Development
  • Complete Street Design
  • Streetscape Improvement Projects
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Administration
  • Multimodal Corridor Studies
  • Transportation Grant Writing
  • ADA Audits and Transition Plans
  • Bike/Pedestrian Count Program Development and Reporting
  • Active Tourism and Economic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Calming

Shared Services

  • Grant Writing
  • Community Engagement and Meeting Facilitation
  • On-Call Services


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