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Stewart’s Geomatics group is comprised of three primary services: surveying, subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and High Definition Surveys (HDS).


Stewart has provided land surveying / geomatics for military, university, greenway, municipal, mixed-use, retail, commercial, health care, industrial, pharmaceutical and residential projects. Currently, Stewart provides surveying in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.

The following surveying services are provided:

  • Topographic
  • Photogrammetric Control
  • Geodetic – GPS
  • Environmental
  • Construction Stake-Out
  • Subdivision/Recombination Platting
  • ALTA
  • Route
  • Existing Condition
  • Boundary
  • HDS & SUE Support
  • As-Built
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering

    SUE is available packaged with our other design disciplines, as well as a standalone service. The advantage of packaging SUE with other design disciplines is that the owner has fewer consultants to manage. This approach also makes it easier to keep the SUE staff involved throughout the entire design phase instead of only bringing them back into the loop if there is a problem, as is typically the case. Utilizing Stewart’s SUE service line on its own is also advantageous because of the in-house resources available for collaboration through our other design disciplines. This collaboration means a more thorough evaluation and report.

    Stewart’s SUE staff is experienced in a wide array of market sectors including utility, municipal, education (K-12 and university), commercial, health care and DOT, as well as considerable experience with military projects.

    Our SUE staff can provide the following services:

    • SUE Quality Level A (vacuum excavation)
    • SUE Quality Level B (designating)
    • SUE Quality Level C (surface investigation)
    • SUE Quality Level D (records research)
    • Ground Penetrating Radar
    • Void Detection
    • Utility Locating
    • UST Mapping
  • Cemetery Mapping
  • GIS Utility Mapping
  • Concrete & Rebar Scanning
  • Non Conductive Pipe Locating
  • Pipe Video, Condition & Assessment
  • Vacuum Excavation Test Holes & Trenches
  • High Definition Surveys

    Stewart is using the latest in high-speed 3D laser scanning technology to ascertain detailed measurements while documenting existing conditions. Using a Faro Focus 3D scanner, our technicians are able to produce incredibly detailed images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes.

    This technology is ideal for 3D building documentation, construction supervision, reverse engineering, historic preservation of facades and complex finishes. 3D documentation of interiors and technical installations such as building services, conveyor systems or process installations occur efficiently in this regard as well. Stewart can measure products and components of every possible shape and size building structure / infrastructure and produce precise data and three dimensional surface models. This technology is well-suited for 3D documentation of buildings, building sites, roads, landscape features or a multitude of other applications.

    Stewart is well-versed in delivering this high quality and large magnitude of data in an efficient and useable manner. To this end, deliverable methodologies include model generation in REVIT, AutoCAD, Kubit and other point cloud generation software.

    Additionally, Stewart has the capability of developing accurate “as-built” REVIT models of existing buildings by modeling within the scanned point cloud. This can be done in significantly less time and with much greater accuracy than the typical process of building the model using record drawings and field verification. This can be extremely valuable in initiating complex renovation and additions projects.

    The following scanning services are provided:

    • 3D Laser Scanning
    • HDR Photography
    • BIM Modeling
    • Clash Detection
    • Visualization
  • Videography
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Heritage Documentation
  • As-Built Condition Assessments


    Chimney Rock 3D Scanning


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