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Geotechnical & Construction Services

Stewart’s Geotechnical & Construction Services practice is composed of four primary services: Geotechnical Engineering, Special Inspections, Construction Engineering & Inspections, and Construction Materials Testing. Our unique talents and experience stemming from our cross-collaborative approach set Stewart apart from our competition.

Geotechnical Engineering

Stewart added Geotechnical Engineering in 2008 to complement the in-house design and inspection/testing groups. This group performs subsurface explorations, specialized field and laboratory testing and engineering analyses to provide design recommendations and construction guidance. This service helps to prepare the owner and design team for the subsurface conditions that will have a direct impact on the project design documents and construction budget.

Special Inspections

When North Carolina adopted the International Building Code (IBC) in 2002, Stewart established a department solely dedicated to providing Special Inspections (SI) referenced in Chapter 17 of the Code. Because of Stewart’s expertise in the field, the firm was asked by the State Construction Office (SCO) to serve on the task force that developed the first special inspections guidelines for the state. Stewart’s Special Inspections program is specifically designed to help meet those mandates and thereby enhance efforts to alleviate structural failures resulting from improper construction. We pride ourselves on making sure that all of our structural inspectors are thoroughly trained and properly certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and/or other governing body.

Construction Engineering and Inspection

In 2004, Stewart began providing CEI services for the SCDOT in Gaffney, South Carolina. We have since relocated the CEI service line to Raleigh. Through this group Stewart provides inspection and testing services as well as Construction Administration (CA) by which we offer owner representation through the many phases of construction. Our CEI staff consists of seasoned construction professionals with extensive experience constructing projects akin to those that they now inspect and manage for Stewart. This keen insight into the construction industry allows Stewart to be proactive on potential construction and / or contractual issues. Our construction administrators are also well-versed in working with local municipalities and the NCDOT as well as administering projects that involve state and federal funds (e.g. ARRA).

Construction Materials Testing

After years of success with our Gaffney operations, which included a testing laboratory, Stewart decided move the Construction Materials Testing (CMT) operations to the Triangle in an effort to round out our construction services group. Our CMT personnel are well-trained and experienced in many different types of construction: from multi-story structures to bridges and roadways. Our field staff also possesses the appropriate certifications for the task at hand, which include NICET, CWI, PTI, ACI, NCDOT and/or ICC.

Stewart has two CMT laboratories, one located just east of downtown Raleigh on Old Poole Road, and our second location on Southern Pines Boulevard in southwest Charlotte. At our lab facilities, we perform the testing on soil, aggregate, concrete, grout, mortar, asphalt, sprayed fire-resistive material and other construction materials. Our labs are routinely inspected by AASHTO’s Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) and Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) and maintains AASHTO R-18 and NCDOT Tier I certifications.

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