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October 14th / 2015

Our Logo Comes to Life

Designers at Stewart recently enjoyed a chance to be our own client when we held a design competition to create a landscape design for the entry of our newly relocated construction materials testing lab in Raleigh.

The site is a challenging one: a small planter between the parking lot and building entry, completely surrounded by hardscape, with plenty of full sun and reflected heat. And to add to the fun – competitors were given just 30 minutes to come up with their best ideas.

The winning design was created by Michael Domanski, and features a design and color scheme that represent the Stewart logo. Domanski said he wanted to create a simple, clean, minimalistic design that everyone could identify with and understand.

He admits the challenge was in finding the best plants for the space. “During the initial phase of the design, I quickly chose some plants based on their color and height.  Afterwards, I had time to go back and figure out what plants would actually grow in the conditions – I ended up changing all but one of the originals.”

Construction is currently underway, and we can’t wait to see the Stewart logo brought to life. Congratulations, Michael!

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