Leadership / Phillip Townsend, PE

Q & A with Phillip Townsend, PE

Where is your hometown?

Born in Lawrence, KS, grew up in Cary, NC

What was your first job?


What is your favorite form of exercise?

Golf (if that counts as exercise)

Phillip Townsend, PE

Phillip Townsend, PE

Manager of CEI

Phillip is a Civil Engineer with over seven years of experience in project management, construction, and contract administration, as well as experience in roadway design, location and surveys, and traffic safety. Prior to joining Stewart, Phillip served as Resident Engineer with NCDOT’s Aviation Parkway Resident Engineer’s Office in Division 5. His areas of specialty include roadway construction, bridge construction, railroad construction, and ITS construction. Phillip serves as Manager of Construction Engineering and Inspection, contributing his transportation expertise to successful roadway, greenway and sidewalk projects throughout the region.

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