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Q & A with Lance Williams, PE

If you weren’t an engineer, what would you be?

I have two fall back professions. First a mechanic. I enjoy doing minor work on cars but I also get annoyed when I feel like a mechanic is trying to “upsale” some repair. If that didn’t work I could see me as a cook. I enjoy cooking. Hopefully the economy stays strong!

Describe the worst haircut you ever had.

A mullet. At some point in my teenage years I tried to have long hair in the back. It just does not work well with curly hair. In fact let’s hope that style never comes back again!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“The sun will rise tomorrow.” Even though life seems hard or impossible today, tomorrow will always bring another perspective or step closer to a resolution or better place.

Lance Williams, PE

Lance Williams, PE

Associate VP, Manager of Structural Engineering

As Manager of Structural Engineering, Lance is responsible for the overall management of Structural Engineering in the Charlotte office to include oversight and management of projects, client development and retention, financial profitability, personnel and general administrative management. With 20 years of experience, he has extensive knowledge of steel, concrete, wood, and masonry. Lance is located in the Charlotte office. Click HERE to send him a message.

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