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Q & A with Kasia Nels, PHR

What is your favorite animal?

Sharks. They are an apex predator, they endure (dating back to prehistoric times), and you cannot sneak up on them. And then there is the obvious as to why sharks are awesome; Shark Week and Jaws!

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“Ask Why” and “Don’t take life too seriously, no one gets out alive”

What is your favorite quote?

Patience is not always a virtue. It can, under some circumstances, be a reprehensible vice, a clear indication of apathy, stupidity or gullibility. Impatience could, by much the same token, be profoundly wise and deeply appropriate. Some things need to be done as soon as possible. Tomorrow is too late. You are no keen to put off a particular plan a moment longer. You are right to leap boldly into action.

Where is your hometown?

Lafayette, NY. (Small town outside Syracuse, NY… Go Orange!)

Kasia Nels, PHR

Kasia Nels, PHR

Associate VP, Manager of Human Resources

As Manager of Human Resources, Kasia is responsible for benefit plan design, employee engagement and retention, training, employee relations, compliance, and general HR operations. She oversees the Wellness and Training programs at Stewart and works closely with the Executive Leadership Team connecting HR initiatives to company-wide strategic goals.  Kasia is a true “Jane of all Trades” when it comes to the various functions of HR. She is a certified HR professional with over 13 years’ experience in Human Resource Administration and a self-proclaimed “VP of Paper Keeping.”

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